Qatar Education City

Project Management

Drawing from MHA’s experience with project delivery methods where design, development and construction are closely integrated, MHA provides key project management support that is tailored to the needs of pre-design through pre-construction efforts. We recognize that the effectiveness of the project team’s efforts early in the development process can be critical to the success of the project and that the “bridging” from conceptual idea – to - hard construction is accomplished by way of experience, insight and timely communication.

Whether part of a design services contract or where design services are procured with other design consultants, MHA provides project management support that is tailored to working closely with the client and construction professionals early in the development process. The intent is to identify and track key project drivers with an eye towards defining and maintaining a linear path as a project reaches the construction phase.

Services include:
     • Contract Management
     • Standardized Administrative Procedures
     • Design Team Coordination and Project Scheduling
     • Critical Path Coordination and Action Item Tracking
     • Progress Reporting and Approvals
     • Technical and On Site Support
     • Project Close out