Sekisui SPI

Bloomsburg, PA

Sekisui SPI Corp. is a Japanese manufacturer and innovator of polymer and sustainable thermoplastic products for the aviation, medical, transportation, building and industrial markets.

MHA has worked with Sekisui on multiple projects, designing their administrative, R & D and manufacturing presence in the United States.

South Campus:

Adaptive re-use of an existing 126,250 square foot building for Sekisui’s U.S.-based administrative headquarters.

Collaborative innovation space for Sekisui SPI that provides industrial engineers and designers with R & D resources and equipment to invent product ideas that incorporate sustainable thermoplastics.  The 15,000 square feet of space includes fabrication tools, test equipment and technology, that develop, refine and produce custom solutions.

Adaptive re-use of an existing 240,500 square foot facility for Sekisui’s thermoplastic manufacturing operation.

North Campus:

Campus master planning for Sekisui’s phased future expansion.  Reconfigure 35,000 square feet of existing administrative space in conjunction with planned 120,000 square foot South Campus expansion.

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