Sheltair Aviation Facility

Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, FL

Sheltair operates Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) facilities, concierge services, fueling and ground handling, aviation property development, management and leasing, and construction / construction management services.

MHA has worked with Sheltair Aviation on multiple projects at its Fort Lauderdale, FL location.

MHA provided master planning for the Northside and Westside expansion to the general aviation section of Fort Lauderdale airport, including 12 new private aviation hangars, associated shops/offices and ground service equipment spaces totaling 207,000 square feet.

MHA designed a new multi-tenant general aviation facility, including a 55,000 square foot hangar on the Northside to accommodate operations offices and hangar space for the Columbian Air Force and other general aviation users.

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Exterior view of air terminal

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation is an aviation services company that operates Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) facilities providing comprehensive ground and international handling, customs, air operations and support, fueling and maintenance for private jet aviation. 

New terminal and support building Avitat Westchester

Avitat Aviation Facility

MHA designed this two-phased renovation and expansion of two wings of an existing hangar facility.  Phase I consisted of 24,000 square feet of hangar space, with a newly expanded two-story lean-to shop and office, a new terminal space and approximately 8,500 square feet of multi-tenant office space.

C-17 Hangar McGuire AFB

The facility, located at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, accommodates Boeing C-17 and K-10 military transport aircraft.